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The “Turkey Teeth” phenomenon has been with us for a while now. When people think they are getting porcelain veneers, they are getting porcelain crowns which are a much more destructive procedure; it can lead to pain resulting in teeth dying, root treatments, gum infections and tooth removals.

With state-of-the-art dental technology, I consistently deliver exceptional smiles. By introducing precision, efficiency and automation, I can offer top-quality porcelain veneers at affordable prices.

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The Problems With “Turkey Teeth”


  • Inconsistent standards
  • Subpar materials
  • Communication barriers


  • Unnatural appearance
  • Lack of personalisation
  • Damage to natural teeth


  • Low wages for dentists
  • Impact on local healthcare
  • No informed consent

Why Choose My Porcelain Veneers

More Natural Smiles & Top-Quality Materials

With the advent of digital dental technology, I provide top-quality, porcelain veneers that are bespoke and in harmony with the patient’s face avoiding that ‘Turkey teeth” effect. I only use the best-quality materials ensuring that my patients’ perfect smiles last longer.

Reduced Procedural Time & Invasiveness

Digital technology streamlines the entire process, reducing overall procedural time and improving efficiency. By eliminating the need for messy manual impressions, we can allocate more time to patient interactions and post-operative care, enhancing the overall patient experience.

More Affordable

The integration of digital technology into porcelain veneer procedures drives down costs. Automation and streamlined procedures reduce the time and effort required for each step, allowing me to operate more efficiently so I can offer prices starting as low as £500.

Before & After Smiles

Photo of some teeth before porcelain veneers were applied Photo of some new porcelain veneers teeth
Photo of some teeth before porcelain veneers were applied Photo of some new porcelain veneers teeth

Not sure yet? You can find more case studies here.

5-Star Experiences

I fully recommend Rory McEnhill. I had major implant dental work and he was fantastic. He is passionate and extremely knowledgeable... A true professional and the result is amazing.

Marie J
Marie J

Rory did a brilliant job. Very pleased with my implants. All the staff are very pleasant and Trudy the hygienist does a good job.

Pamela A
Pamela A

Rory is highly skilled in the area of dental implants. My case was quite complex but he found a solution that worked for me. My implant bridges look good and I have high functionality.

Robert T
Robert T

Rory put my fear of dentists to absolutely no fear. I got new teeth and all I can say is ty as I’m not afraid to smile and I have confidence in myself. I wish I had done it sooner.

Maeve P
Maeve P

It has all been hassle-free. A year on since I received my signature smile from Rory which I’m delighted with, I would highly recommend the team.

Ryeece W
Ryeece W

Dr McEnhill's care, attention and expertise has restored my dental health and confidence. The treatment from beginning to end was excellent and fully explained.

Rosemary B
Rosemary B

About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary dentist who practices all aspects of dentistry, such as digital dentistry, gum grafting/re-contouring, aesthetic rehabilitations and implant dentistry incorporating bone grafts. I also carry out teeth-in-a-day implant procedures in the upper/lower jaws or both.

I graduated from Queens University in 2001 and completed a post-graduate diploma in restorative dentistry from University College London. I followed this up with a Master's Degree in restorative and aesthetic dentistry from the University of Manchester. I also lecture and run courses related to implant, aesthetic and digital dentistry.

I've won numerous industry awards, including 4 UK Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. Most recently, I won a Randox Clinical Excellence award that encompasses all healthcare providers in Northern Ireland.

I look forward to welcoming you to the practice to get the smile of your dreams.

-- Dr Rory McEnhill BDS, MSc

Dr Rory McEnhill
Dr Rory McEnhill
How Much Does it Cost?

Our pricing is bespoke based on our patients' unique circumstances. We can give an accurate price for the work required after your free consultation.

As a guide, composite veneers start from £350 and dental implants start from £1,750. A treatment plan that includes a full mouth rejuvenation and a full set of implants will cost around £36,000.

We offer a payment plan for amounts ranging from £350 to £50,000 which includes a 2-year interest-free option.

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